Top ten laughably bad tech ads

Un amico mi ha segnalato questa lista di video, assolutamente da guardare!
Da un articolo su cnet:

The tech industry has a rich and hilarious history of being unable to promote itself as anything other than unutterably dorky. Originally we were going to call this ‘The top ten worst tech ads’, but as we hunted around we discovered these are pure gold. They are shockingly bad, but you’ll derive so much pleasure from watching them it didn’t seem right to use ‘worst’ anymore.

Anyway, we’ve collected ten of our favourites — in no particular order — that made us laugh, either because they feature lycra, awful singing, pathetic old technology, Steve Ballmer or some combination of all of the above. -Ian Morris

… e per i “developers developers develoopers” ecco il primo:

[youtube tGvHNNOLnCk]